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About Us

reliableIT is a Business Intelligence software as a Service (BIaaS), software migration and BI training company. reliableIT provides custom BI software and migration Solutions to businesses that are too small to have their own BI team, assisting to cut costs associated with staffing BI team, BI training, advertisement and payroll.

Our Core Values

  • We help people prepare for the future career:
    Innovation takes courage. We encourage people not to be afraid of constantly
    raising their own standards, taking risks and leaving their comfort zone.
    Courage and ability to bounce back from failure is what got us here and
    will continue to define our company as a success.
  • We are curious:
    We focus on customer problem. All customers expect good service. What sets us
    apart is our willingness to surpass those expectations and deliver outstanding
    service. We do not assume that we know what is best for our users. We let their
    input guide our effort, passion, sacrifice and dedication.
  • We keep our promises:
    We don't make promises we believe we can't keep. Often it is easier to say
    "yes" than "no" Often it is equally easy to come up with excuses for why a promise
    wasn't kept. We acknowledge the uncertainties of the world, but when we make a
    commitment, we do our utmost to deliver on it.
  • We exibit integrity without compromising:
    Integrity is the quality of possessing and steadfastly adhering to the high moral
    principles or professional standards. We will always hold our integrity in highest
    regard by being honest with ourselves and our customers.
  • Our Technology Experiences

  • Oracle Database Server 8i/9i/10g/11g:
    Installation and set-up: How the Oracle database is installed and set up will
    significantly affect the resillience and performance of the system. Professional
    installation by reliableIT ensures long-term reliability and a savings on future
    maintenance costs.
  • Oracle Developer Suite 6i/9i/10g and Middleware
    Oracle Development: Architecture and design must be based on solid
    understanding of the technology. reliableIT covers both the development tools
    and the underlying database management features. We will maximize the value
    of your data with scalable, flexible and intuitive web-based Oracle reporting
    and Dashboard reporting solutions.
  • Business Intelligence (BI) - Oracle and DOMO Technologies:
    Oracle BI Beans and Jdeveloper Studio: reliableIT is a business accelerator,
    helping smart small businesses and entrepreneurs transform smart ideas into
    smart Business Intelligence insight. reliableIT can migrate your MS-Access Database
    to Oracle database management and integrate data to maximize the value
    of your data with scalable, flexible and intuitive web-based Oracle reporting and
    Oracle BI Beans Dashboard reporting solutions at low cost and beat any competition.
    DOMO BI-based Dashboard: reliableIT can develop your next executive Dashboard
    and integrate data from multiple source to maximize the value of your data
    with scalable, flexible and intuitive web-based DOMO Dashboard reporting solutions.